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and how to start and grow your dream business online through a little-known trick that no one is talking about!

👩🏻‍💻 From: Tarla Makaeff
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Hey beauty! 💗

Are you over over spending a ridiculously insane amount of time trying to figure out a daily social media post only to realize you have spent tons of energy for no owned contacts?

I've been there so I totally get it! When I first started online, I was a posting maniac... but not anymore... (insert a million ecstatic emojis).

As a creative, heart centered woman, you want to live out your purpose while impacting lives, not come up with photos and captions on the daily for every single social media platform out there only to get 5 random likes from peeps you'll never see again. 

Good news, girlfran'!


... 'cause I have something special for you that's going to change the game forever. 

If We Haven't Yet Met On The Interwebs Or Beachside In LA...

Hi, I’m Tarla (but you can call me T) - online boss babe, dog mama to my puggles Bentley and Jaden, beach addict, and gnocchi connoisseur...

As a copywriter first for marketing agencies and later with my own business, I wrote for all the Hollywood studios and earned a lifetime 7 figure income for myself and millions for my clients...

Now I'm rocking this 'lil thing called the Internet with my own full-time online business where I serve boss babes from all over the world...

...And I want you to know... I got burned out from posting day and night on social media too until I decided on a better way...

And that's why I created something I'm thrilled to share with you...

Earn With Email:
The Best-Kept Secret To Online Business Success!

Today I’m so excited to be able to officially introduce you to my training called Earn With Email:
The Best-Kept Secret To Online Business Success!

As a direct response copywriter, I spent the last years of my career writing emails for clients, delivering them crazy, record-breaking ROIs that had them hiring me over and over again...

And now - you guessed it - email is THE foundation of my online business...

The truth is no email = no business. But no one is talking about this because social media, well, it's so much more exciting to talk about - until you find yourself living on it.

So time and time again, new female entrepreneurs make the massive mistake of starting with social media (while getting no actual work done in their business)... and that is totally backwards!

Raise your hand if you've ever posted at odd hours with one eye open as you rolled over in bed, fumbling for your phone, half awake... #beentheredonethat

Now say "yeeeeaaahhhh" if you'd prefer emails to go out automatically while you're sleeping... so the only bags you have are the ones in your closet, not under your eyes.

In this prerecorded 5 video series training with 55 minutes of content, you'll discover:

- The 3 ways focusing solely on social media can put your entire business at risk of being shut down overnight... and how to NEVER scramble around in a panic or endure a screeching halt again! Video 1.

- The mind-blowing FACTS of the power of email marketing. Ever thought "email is dead" or "people hate emails"? Find out why that isn't even close to being true. Video 1.

- Examples of email offers you see every day and how you can apply them to your own business - no matter what you're selling online! Video 2.

- How to create your own email offer with this little twist NO ONE is talking about (you won't even believe how easy this is!). Video 2.

- What specific offers to make as a coach, blogger, educator, or service provider while running your business from anywhere. Video 2.

- Which 4 questions to ask yourself to quickly determine what to create your first freebie on. Video 2.

- The 7 EMAIL SEQUENCES you should be using now in your online business. Video 3.

- Exactly what subject lines and emails to include in your WELCOME SEQUENCE to capture your subscribers' attention and keep them opening your emails. Video 3.

- Word-for-word subject lines and step-by-step prompts on what to include in every single email for your LAUNCH and WEBINAR SEQUENCES so you're never left guessing. Video 4.

- What CONTENT you need to be including in your emails outside of a launch to establish trust, rapport, and sell your offer like crazy. Video 5.

- Bonus: Email Q&A. Everything you ever wanted to know about email with 25 of the most asked questions answered.

- Bonus: Email List Outreach Templates. The 5 word-for-word outreach scripts I've used to add the most people to my email list the most quickly, who I send them to (hint: this is a treasure grove for hot prospects), and how I'm met with enthusiastic "send me your emails!"

- And... transcripts of all the videos

These videos are loaded with tips, tricks, tools, and strategy around email based on my copywriting career where I repeatedly exceeded client revenue goals for the biggest brands on the planet.

This is a very special opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes look at how to master the most undoubtedly important and foundational part of your online business - your email list. When you consider it only takes one email to completely change your life and business, this training is priceless.

  I've Been Featured In...
  Email Praise

"I love your emails. I struggle wanting to give up my dreams but then I read stories like yours and it inspires me to keep on keeping on. Most people these days charge money to share what you share and you are doing it free of charge. I am thankful for that. Power to you! Here's your crown! Never take it off!" - Katia 

"Love all the different experience stories you have :)" - Jillian

"This is one of the most transparent and encouraging emails that I have read in a while. You've got a gift for storytelling. I so love your stories and how everything happens to give us a life lesson at some point. You have lived a pretty wonderful life (like Clarence would say)." - Shelly 

"Hey babe! Loving your emails!" - Elizabeth

“Hey Tarla, Loved reading your email. It almost felt like you were sitting right in front of me and making conversation. Really grateful for having come across you.” - Isha

"You have incredible content. Thanks so much for sharing with me!" - Latasha

"I love your emails. I relate to many of your stories and some make me laugh. Love you for that." - Shelly 

"Just wanted to say thanks for always making me smile!! The information is great too, but I especially love your gumption. I want to be like you when I grow up." - Serena

(What girlfriends are saying: feedback from email subscribers).

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How long does it take to go through the training?

The training has 5 prerecorded videos with transcripts and 55 minutes of content so listen immediately or while unwinding with a glass of Rosé ;)

You have unlimited replays, lifetime access, and any future updates to the Earn With Email:
The Best-Kept Secret To Online Business Success training. I'm confident you'll find my launch and Webinar email sequences so invaluable, you'll use them over and over to take your business to the next level.

How long will it take to get access to the training?

Video 1 and the transcript are available right upon purchase so you can go through them as you like. A new video will then open to you every day for four days with the Email Q&A and Email List Outreach Templates bonuses released 4 days later.

After you put in your credit card information, you’ll receive an email confirming your purchase. You’ll be sent an email with your login information then be taken to a private members only area where you can access all of your training *dancing girl emoji*

And your login information (for your record keeping) and purchase receipt will be sent to the email address you provide.

When can I expect to make money?

I can't promise you any specific results as I have no idea as to your background, capabilities, or even mindset. In fact, no one can promise you results anywhere and if they do, you should run for the hills! Online business is a lot of hard work. It's challenging and will require perseverance, which is why you have lifetime access to this training. I love this training, and I deeply believe in the principles contained in them, but I cannot guarantee or warrant results or increased income. 

What is your refund policy? 

Although the policy is no refunds on trainings, I want to ensure you're completely satisfied and that you have a chance to check out my teaching style in case you've just stumbled across me (hey girl! ;). 

So, if after reviewing the training you feel it's not for you, please reach out within 48 hours of your purchase to request a refund. No questions asked. If you have questions before ordering or want to request a refund, please email hello@tarlamakaeff.com.

Do you have any other questions not covered here?

Email hello@tarlamakaeff.com for a reply.

Ready To Go From Living On Social Media To Earning With Email?

Then, I know you'll love this training!

💖 Tarla Makaeff

P.S. - In case, you read to the end - yeah, it's not just you ;) So here's the (hazelnut gelato) scoop: 

I’m offering you a 5 video series training and 55 minutes of prerecorded content that helps you master email marketing (with launch and Webinar email sequences that are seriously crazy priceless) so you can start building the most underrated but essential part of your online business.

The training is $97 (normally $197). 

You’re also getting 3 exclusive bonuses:

Bonus 1: Email Q&A ($97 Value)

Bonus 2: Email List Outreach Templates ($47 Value)

Bonus 3: Transcripts of all the videos ($47 Value)

The training with these bonuses is valued at $388.

If you don’t love the training, I'm offering a 48 hour money-back guarantee. 

Click the button below and sign up now. You'll have no regrets👇🏼

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P.P.S. - Skipping to the good stuff? I do too ;) 😘  So here are the short and sweet deets... for just $97 (normally $197), you're getting Earn With Email: The Best-Kept Secret To Online Business Success (a 5 video series training with 55 minutes of prerecorded content including 3 bonuses valued at $388). It's THE way to start and grow your dream business online through a little-known trick that no one is talking about!
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