Get 4 Guides On The 4 Major Social Media Platforms For Just $4!


even if  you have no clue where to start, no followers, and no social media knowledge at all!

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Hey beauty! 💗

If you're a creative, heart centered woman looking to start an online business with social media, but you have no freakin' idea how to get traction on the latest social media app or any plaform for that matter...

... and procrastination is calling, as in "brb, getting my nails done"... 

... then I have something crazy special for you...

... FOUR entire social media guides for just four dollars.

The Social Media 
Starter Kit!

Today I’m excited to be able to officially introduce you to my collection called The Social Media Starter Kit.

Without social media I unequivocally, undoubtedly, 1,000,000% wouldn't have the full-time online business I have now...

I not only went from 0 followers to 120,000 in a relatively short period of time, but, I was also able to gain tens of thousands of followers across multiple platforms.

It's this exposure that's allowed me to build a business online with paying customers!

And now I'm sharing my secrets with you...

In this FOUR guide kit with 150 pages of content (yeah, literally the length of a book), you'll get:

The Boss Babe's Guide To Clubhouse 
44 pages (Value: $47) 

It's time to build that je ne said quoi "in the Club"! 

Create authority like the queen that you are with 14 tips detailing how to explode your influencer network and get clients more easily than ever. Plus, get in-depth deets on how I quickly grew to 1,000 followers, hosting rooms of 150+ and having prospects chase me in my DMs with a growing following of 2,700! 

The 7-Day Cool Girl Instagram Challenge Guide 
51 pages (Value: $37) 

You’re about to make it rain on the Gram! 

I went from no Instagram followers to 17,000, and on IG it's all about the captions. You’ll learn how to rule Instagram like a queen with 7 days of posts you can copy word for word - just change out your personal deets. And you’ll get a special bonus post plus even more prompts to maximize each post. 

The Boss Babe's Guide To Tik Tok 
25 pages (Value: $37) 

Leave the comparison game in the dust, beauty, and raise your hands to being first in the game! 

Get in the know on the 5 tips to mastering TikTok in days with a guide detailing the secrets behind the platform's algorithm. Plus, get deets on how I went viral on TikTok in just 3 weeks - growing my account to nearly 15,000 - as well as suggested marketing strategies.

The Boss Babe Facebook Content Guide 
40 pages (Value: $37) 

It’s time to throw the confetti because I’m sending a party your way. 

From 4 Facebook personal profile follows to 4,800. A non-existent FB page to 85,000 follows. Facebook is the platform I started on. You’ll learn how to slay Facebook like a boss with 8 types of Facebook posts you can create to grow your business and following PLUS you’ll get 8 days of even more marketing strategies for each post. 

This is an extremely rare opportunity to quickly grow your social media following on the 4 major social media platforms for just $4! 
Get The 4 Guides
For Just $4!

(Yes, just a one-time payment of $4)

30 Day No Questions Asked Guarantee!
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How long does it take to go through the kit?

The kit has 150 pages of content so read it immediately or save it for a mellow weekend with your fav scented candle and chill soundtrack ;)

How long will it take to get access to the kit?

The kit is available right upon purchase so you can go through it immediately. 

After you put in your credit card information, you’ll receive an email confirming your purchase where you can access your kit *dancing girl emoji*

And your login information (for your record keeping) and purchase receipt will be sent to the email address you provide.

Is there a catch?

There is none. This is a one time payment of $4. There's nothing hidden in the fine print where you'll be subject to ongoing fees. No one will be calling you to buy anything else. As soon as you order you'll get instant access to everything.

What is your refund policy? 

I feel confident you will get so much value out of this kit that you’ll love it. But if for some reason, my teaching style is not for you or you don't get amazing results, email me at within 30 days from the date of purchase with the email address that's on your receipt. I'll refund the $4, no questions asked. And you get to keep the kit.

Can you guarantee specific results? 

All success entails risk despite consistent and massive effort and action on your part so I (nor anyone else) can guarantee results or income... and if they do, you should run for the hills! 

Do you have any other questions not covered here?

Email for a reply.

You Really Are Getting All Of This For Just FOUR DOLLARS So Claim This Offer Now!

I'm making you this over-the-top offer simply for being on this page so don't have FOMO and get it now!

💖 Tarla Makaeff

P.S. - In case, you read to the end - yeah, it's not just you ;) ... here's the (dark chocolate gelato) scoop: 

I’m offering you FOUR entire social media guides for $4 for the 4 major platforms: Clubhouse, Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. This social media starter kit has 150 pages of content (yeah, this could have been a book!).

There’s no catch, no trial, no hidden fees or anything like that. You get instant access to everything.

However, I reserve the right to pull this down at any time because I can't give away my social media guides at this insane price for much longer...

Get Your $4 Social Media 
Starter Kit Before It's Gone!
30 Day No Questions Asked Guarantee!
Secure payments through Stripe
P.P.S. - Omg, girl, you're just like me skipping to the very bottom of the page 😉 So here are the short and sweet deets... you're getting my FOUR entire social media guides for just $4 (value $158). That's 150 pages of content in my social media starter kit! It's THE way to quickly grow your following on the 4 major social media platforms. 
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