Sell On Social Media!


even if  you have no business idea, no existing product or service to sell, no experience, and no idea where to start!

👩🏻‍💻 From: Tarla Makaeff
🌴 Los Angeles, California

Hey beauty! 💗

If you're a creative, heart centered woman looking to leave corporate so you can start the business of your dreams...

... and ditch the high rise location, overtime hours, and high heels for your comfy couch, your own schedule, and going barefoot (byeeeee blisters!)...

... because I mean, helloooo, you only live once so better make it EPIC...

... then I have something special for you. 

If We Haven't Yet Met On Clubhouse Or Somewhere in LA...

Hi, I’m Tarla (but you can call me T) - online boss babe, dog mama to my puggles Bentley and Jaden, beach addict, and gnocchi connoisseur...

I spent over a decade as a copywriter earning multiple six figures a year writing for the biggest brands on the planet...

Now I'm C-SHE-O of my own full-time online business where I serve badass women from all over the globe...

...And I want you to know... I've been in your stilettos wondering... how do I even get started online? 

And that's why I created something I'm excited to share with you.

Sell On Social Media:
Easily (And Successfully) Start And Grow 
Your Online Business!

Today I’m so happy to be able to officially introduce you to my training called Sell On Social Media: Easily (And Successfully) Start And Grow Your Online Business.

It's a major part of the full-time online business I have created...

One of my biggest business secrets is cultivating the right mindset because #truthtalk... online business is 80% mindset. And I’m all about combining the intuitive with the practical to create a business I love.

In this prerecorded 4 video series training with 35 minutes of content, you'll discover:

- My top 7 tips for creating a confidence and growth mindset... this is literally what I do to keep my vibes high and attract abundance. Video 1.

- How to quickly determine your niche using this powerful asset - even when you are feeling unsure or confused on what direction to go. Video 2.

- The one thing to NEVER do when marketing online and how to find your dream clients instead. I see SO many women inadvertently repelling prospects by doing this. Video 3.

- Personal examples of how I went from no business to badass business! I want you to leave inspired! Video 1-3.

- How to easily sell online (you will see me personally demonstrate how simple it really is!). This alone is worth 10x the price of this training. Video 4.

- One of the insider secrets to how I sell offers to my email subscribers. The more you watch and listen, the more you'll get out of  watching these sales strategies in action. Videos 1-4.

- Three homework assignments at the end of the trainings... Take actionable steps to fortify your mindset, choose your niche, and select your target market by the time you finish the trainings!

- And... transcripts of all the videos

These videos were recorded as part of email promotions during digital course launches in 2020 and 2021 and are loaded with tips, tricks, tools, and strategy around mindset, online business, and sales.

This is a very special opportunity to not only start your online business but also learn sales techniques which is pivotal to your success online. This training is not something to rush through, but rather something to spend time with.

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How long does it take to go through the training?

The training has 4 prerecorded videos with transcripts and 35 minutes of content so listen immediately or save it for a quiet evening with your fav eye mask ;)

You have unlimited replays, lifetime access, and any future updates to the Sell On Social Media: Easily (And Successfully) Start And Grow An Online Business training. I'm confident you'll find my sales demonstration so priceless, you'll return to it over and over for your own business… 

How long will it take to get access to the training?

Video 1, the first homework assignment, and the transcript are available right upon purchase so you can go through it as you like. A new video will then open to you every day for three days - mimicking the delivery of these videos in email promotions and giving you time to reflect on each homework assignment.

After you put in your credit card information, you’ll receive an email confirming your purchase. You’ll be sent an email with your login information then be taken to a private members only area where you can access all of your training *dancing girl emoji*

And your login information (for your record keeping) and purchase receipt will be sent to the email address you provide.

When can I expect to make money?

I can't promise you any specific results as I have no idea as to your background, capabilities, or even mindset. In fact, no one can promise you results anywhere and if they do, you should run for the hills! Online business is a lot of hard work. It's challenging and will require perseverance, which is why you have lifetime access to this training. I love this training, and I deeply believe in the principles contained in them, but I cannot guarantee or warrant results or increased income. 

What is your refund policy? 

Although the policy is no refunds on trainings, I want to ensure you're completely satisfied and that you have a chance to check out my teaching style in case you've just stumbled across me (hey girl! ;). 

So, if after reviewing the training you feel it's not for you, please reach out within 48 hours of your purchase to request a refund. No questions asked. If you have questions before ordering or want to request a refund, please email

Do you have any other questions not covered here?

Email for a reply.

Ready To Go From No Idea, Product, Service, Or Experience To... 
Online Business?

Then, I know you'll love this training!

💖 Tarla Makaeff

P.S. - In case, you read to the end - yeah, it's not just you ;) ... here's the (strawberry gelato) scoop: 

I’m offering you a 4 video series training and 35 minutes of prerecorded content that helps you uplevel your mindset, choose your niche, find your target market, and learn how to sell online (with a personal demonstration that's seriously priceless) so you can start your own online business.

The training is $37 (normally $97). 

You’re also getting 2 exclusive bonuses:

Bonus 1: Three homework assignments at the end of the trainings ($47 Value)

Bonus 2: Transcripts of all the videos ($47 Value)

The training with these bonuses is valued at $191.

If you don’t love the training, I'm offering a 48 hour money-back guarantee. 

Click the button below and sign up now. You'll have no regrets👇🏼

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That's less than trendy vegan takeout 🥗

48 Hour Risk-Free Guarantee!
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P.P.S. - I thought I'd find you here skipping to the end (I do it too ;)) 😘  So here are the short and sweet deets... for just $37 (normally $97), you're getting Sell On Social Media: Easily (And Successfully) Start And Grow Your Online Business (a 4 video series training with 35 minutes of prerecorded content including 2 bonuses valued at $191). It's THE way to start an online business even if you have no business idea, no existing product or service to sell, no experience, and no idea where to start!
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